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Market responsibility

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Responsibility to the state


Law compliance management

Observing laws and policies and abiding by internal regulations, and comply with enterprise culture and professional ethics. HNA Caissa has strengthened the standardization devoting to bettering the system of control so that the risk pre-warning machanism can really make sense in a good condition.


The Strategy of serving for country

HNA Caissa lives up to national strategy and boost the "going out" policy to build a multinational corporation. For the emerging strategic chances in the world market, it is necessary to increase investment and positively explore the tourism market.

Responsibility to shareholders


Enterprise value management Strengthening

Have a clear cut of the main investment for listed companies and advance securitization.
Solve historical issues of the listed company, insisting on the "three core and three rate", to improve business performance.
Strengthen management and have the valuation approved.


Feasibly maintain the interests of shareholders

Make regular reports or temporary announcements to ensure shareholders'' rights.
Implement the cash bonus mechanisms to protect shareholders’ value distribution rights.
Make the supervisory role of independent directors prominent on management, operation, and disclosure.
Annually get audited by external accounting firms to manifest role of intermediaries.


Company Management and Control System Completion

Five vertical management systems: the strategic management system, a comprehensive budget system, business management reporting system, internal auditing system, and performance appraisal system.
Eight horizontal management systems: strategic planning and management system, investment management system, financial management system, human resources management system, risk controlling system, procurement management system, service coordination system, and information management system.


Set up corporative management structure

Improve the general meeting of shareholders, board of directors and supervisors, and the CEO teams, making decision-making administration, supervisory department and implementing part mutually independent and balanced.

Responsibility to customers


Brand System Fulfillment

Start at the beginning, HNA Caissa followed the advanced concepts, giving full play to advantages of overseas. With a sound service system, meticulous attitude, fashion brand image and public relations, HNA Caissa tired to build a unique brand. Under the further expansion of industrial layout, HNA Caissa is devoted to implementing professional, standardized and personalized services combined with the brand connotation.


User’s Privacy Protection

Services provided by HNA Caissa involve in air transportation, financial services, hotel management, online payment, and many other personal services concerning private information, and it is essential to protect user’s privacy. And HNA Caissa takes user’s privacy a high priority, and to those real-named information or trade secrets like names, address, identification numbers, telephone numbers will never be used unless allowed. Meanwhile all massages are transparent and open to customers if they need.


Customer management strengthening

Meet users’ needs, and build convenient and effective communication bridge.
Improve market products and optimize operational services and reduce complaints by improving pre-sale and after-sale services.
Make creative measures against the problems in the complaint, forming an effective close-loop.

Responsibility for partners


Business Ethics

HNA Caissa touristic earns respect by integrity, performance, and innovation and is in the pursuit of fair trade and long-term interests. HNA Caissa handles partnership based on trustworthiness, the first priory of which is to abide by the laws and regulations and to realize fair competition


The Trend Leading

HNA Caissa persists in leading the trend. Exploration, cultivation, integration are the main vein for Caissa , all of which are built on enterprise culture, advanced management experience and standardization, aiming at the leader and the setter of the industry, thus to establish HNA Caissa’s dominant position.


Strategic Cooperation Strengthening

Take main service growth as a starting point and make multi-cooperation. Make the most of external sources, joining hands with other enterprises to restructure elements, so that the industrial upgrading can be achieved.


Idea Innovation

Market economy is not only competitive, but also cooperative. With the deepening of the transformation, extensive cooperation is the general trend. In the pursuit of mutual benefit, HNA Caissa blossoms both rapidly and sustainably.

Responsibility for the environment


Environmental charity devotion

HNA Caissa is also concerned about the environment, combining the enterprise responsibility and environmental protection, and strives to make it better to close to the natural environment harmoniously.


Green services

Upholding the concept of green development combined with responsibly and improving people’s living standards, HNA Caissa provides with green travel services to enable people to feel it better in harmony with the natural environment.


The ideal of environmental protection

Caissa believes it is a great process that human beings are paying attention to environment while developing. We are sharing the same earth as well as the same interests to set up eco-friendly consumption patterns and improve ecological civilization.