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  • Light-sending project of Hainan Airlines2015/09/10
    In July of year 2004, Hainan Airlines formally launched the activity of “Light-sending from Hainan Airlines to Tibet plateau” in Qinghai. Together with the national technical steering group of blindness prevention and Beijing Tongren Hospital, Hainan Airlines has provided sight rehabilitating treatment for 5300 poor cataract patients from all ethnic groups in Banma and Nangqian of Qinghai, Lhasa, Shigatse and Nyingchi of Tibet, Litang and Garz of Sichuang province, Hinggan League, Bayannur League, Alashan League of Inner Mongolia, Korla of Sinkiang, Lintao and Xiahe of Gansu province, Yichuang of Hubei province, and Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique of Africa. What they did is highly praised by the local government and people.
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  • Hainan Airlines, change for love.2015/06/16
    Change for Good® is an onboard fundraising activity launched by UNICEF and the international aviation industry. Dating back to 1991, it’s one of the most famous and longest partnerships UNICEF ever had. The activity raises funds on the plane so as to subsidize the projects of UNICEF and improve the life of underprivileged children.
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