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Hna-Caissa is dedicated to providing its customers with all-around and considerate outbound tourism service without overlooking any details.

In outbound tourism, “eating” is more important than “transportation, accommodations, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment”. It is a decisive element of a satisfied trip and the customers’ cognition towards the whole tourism products of a travel agency. The Chinese people are always particular about food, especially the elders and children in long-line trip.

Hna-Caissa will adequately address the problems involved in catering. Catering is an important part of outbound tourism industry chain. Therefore, Hna-Caissa will focus on improving the catering service and building a “central kitchen” in outbound tourism destination for the benefit of the tourists.

Hna-Caissa also combines its strength in catering with the food issues in outbound tourist groups. By taking the main destinations (Germany in particular) as target market, Hna-Caissa built a “central kitchen” in outbound tourism destination by integrating specified local food resources, such as Chinese food chains and scenic spots, using the cold chain technology and centralizing food supply.

In the meantime, in order to avoid eating habits conflicts and distasteful Chinese food in destination, Hna-Caissa has been developing high quality Chinese food and core products with its own intellectual property rights and building an innovative system of outbound tourism catering service.

Hna-Caissa, through innovating outbound tourism catering service and exploring new business model, takes the customers’ comfortable feeling as the direction of product upgrading and regards the requirements of customers as the motivation of enterprise development. Hna-Caissa is devoted to offering high quality services and products to the customers and becoming their guide and friend during the travel.

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