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Lang Lang endorsed Caissa, a combination of life and art

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Lang Lang endorsed Caissa, a combination of life and art 


On November third, Caissa Touristic Group held a press conference in Beijing Jin Mao Westin Hotel to announce the reorganization for being listed on the stock market (ticker symbol: 000796, abbreviation: Caissa touristic), and also declared Lang Lang, an international pianist and peace ambassador, would be the spokesperson. Being the leading outbound tourism company, Caissa touristic group has focused on the cultural connotation in art, music, sports. Inviting Lang Lang to be the spokesperson is a great attempt in the pursuit of integration in life, art and culture.

 Do not forget the initial dream after being listed

The Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said that it was a big step to be listed and still the future would be more prosperous. Caissa touristic will be in the pursuit of high-quality services meanwhile accelerating the strategic arrangement of globalization deepening the industrial chain and to become an international tourism group.



 The founder and president of Caissa touristic, Chen Xiaobing said: "We’ve been waiting to be listed for many years, and it is the starting point for a new career. Thanks to the support from all sectors, we will continue to provide the best service. We are looking forward to meeting you in the future journey. "


Lang Lang attended the press conference and gave a live performance

The CEO Liu Jiangtao said, "Lang Lang''s concentration in art and the pursuit of perfection just fit the principle of Caissa’s service". At the end of the conference, Lang Lang gave a live performance.


Art comes from life and quality roots in pursuit

With his own understanding of life, Lang Lang played the melody of life at his fingertips.

Loving life and seeking cultural experience is what Caissa advocates. Originated in Europe, Caissa touristic has been providing customers with quality products and best services. With years of experience in outbound travel and comprehension of life, we endeavor to make customers feel better like by offering them comfortable and relaxing travelling experience.