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CAISSA, a new force of outbound tourism in capital market

2015-10-12 Hna-Caissa 45 0

           At the evening of October, 11th, E-FOOD GROUP co., LTD changed its name into Hna-Caissa Travel Group co., LTD and become a listed company through back-door listing. (stock abbreviation: 凯撒旅游) 


    Recently, the company has dealt with relevant business changes. Its major business is upgraded to outbound tourism industrial chain service from aviation and railway catering while its original businesses will be expanded.


    Phenomenal events. In recent years, the population of Chinese outbound tourism is surging and the outbound tourism industry has shown a good trend. The listing of CAISSA is a sign of strategic expansion, which conforms to the trend of the time and will further push forward the revolution of tourism industry. A booming outbound tourism industry has provided the most representative companies with ground-breaking space for growth. Meanwhile, many countries have released their visa policy towards China due to various elements, including America and Australia.

    The threshold of international travel has been lowered. Countries all over the world are willing to build a bridge of tourism for the tourists so that their trip can be more convenient and wonderful. Therefore, the world is optimistic about the further growth of Chinese outbound tourism and the listing of Caissa is an irresistible trend.

    Through 22 years of development, CAISSA are equipped with outstanding managerial competency and excellent global vision. Its destination service system has been improved. Its upstream resources have been well distributed. The sophisticated distribution system it built is in line with the development of the industry. CAISSA is also active in upgrading offline experience stores, thus deepening the integration of offline and online service. What’s more, since CAISSA used to be a European travel agency, its service quality and product design are cutting-edge. Thereby, CAISSA developed the pattern of retail business.

    At the same time, relying on the listing, Hainan Airlines Tourism Group, the shareholder of CAISSA, will use its resource advantages in aviation, hotel, finance and online travel and abundant experience in capital operation to provide comprehensive support for CAISSA. Hence, CAISSA can develop a business model of close business relations and resource sharing and has its own core competence. The brand effect and capital support CAISSA gained from the listing also can increase its market share and consolidate the service layout of outbound tourism industry chain.

    In term of development planning, CAISSA will continue to increase offline experience stores on a national scale, upgrade product structure, and promote the layout of mobility, information and globalization. When consolidating its strength in long-ling outbound tourism, CAISSA will pay close attention to market segment and strive to develop specialized tourism such as sports tourism, outdoor travel, cruises and study tour.