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Job opportunity

Brand planning manager
Type of Profession: Brand planning
Nature of Company: Private enterprise
Line of Business: Tourism
Educational Requirement: Undergraduate
Working Location: Beijing
Department: Office of the board of directors
Deadline: 2015-10-30 11:15:32.0
Company Scale: 5000
Recruiting Number: 1
Working Experience: 3年
Job Nature: Full-time
Salary Range: 8000-10000
Job descriptions


1. Responsible for the development of brand market and make plans for brand development.
2. Plan brand promotion campaign; execute and supervise the promotion program of brand image.
3. Organize and accomplish the overall planning project independently, including drawing up project plan and project strategies, writing planning scheme and supervising the implementation of it.
4. Carry out marketing campaigns through the combination of online and offline strategy; maintain brand image and enhance brand competitiveness and popularity of the company. 


Job requirements: 
1. Major in Chinese, marketing, advertising or other relevant professions; bachelor degree or above; strong command of writing skills and writing ability; strong understanding ability.
2. Working in brand management field or other relevant professions for three years or above; previous working experience in arts and entertainment preferred.
3. Familiar with brand promotional activities in public relations and media; have great brand planning abilities and soft paper writing skills. 
4. Have strong brand awareness; have experience in large-scale planning practice and have conducted successful brand planning project.
5. Have excellent instincts in the market and strong ability of information gathering; capable of handling brand marketing.
6. Have strong ability of market activities planning and executive capacity; have experience in new media promotion (online, wechat, weibo) 
7. Equipped with good communication skills, positive working attitude and team work spirit.

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Email: yufei-li@hnair.com