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Hainan Airlines, change for love.

2015-06-16 Hainan Airlines Group 21 0

    Change for Good® is an onboard fundraising activity launched by UNICEF and the international aviation industry. Dating back to 1991, it’s one of the most famous and longest partnerships UNICEF ever had. The activity raises funds on the plane so as to subsidize the projects of UNICEF and improve the life of underprivileged children.

    The fund Change for Good® raised since its inception is used in subsidizing the projects of UNICEF, improving the life of underprivileged children and helping them realize their full potential.

    So far, Change for Good® has raised 120 million dollars on a global scale. At present, 11 airlines participated in the activity, including Cathay Pacific Airways, Finnair, American airlines and Qantas airways.

On 1st, September, 2013, Hainan Airlines Company Limited (“Hainan Airlines” in short)became the first China airlines participated in “Change for Good®” and launched a fund-raising campaigns called “Hainan Airlines, change for good” on the round-trip flights from Beijing to Haikou. This campaign calls on people to donate changes to subsidize the projects of UNICEF, improve the life of underprivileged children and help them realize their full potential.

    On 21th, October, 2014, Hainan Airlines launched a fundraising project on 16 airlines, including the flight from Beijing to Sanya, Haikou to Pudong, Guangzhou to Qingdao, Beijing to Seattle, Toronto, Berlinand and St. Petersburg.

    Since its establishment, Hainan Airlines has always made contributions to the society and people. With the courage of assuming social responsibilities, the company is devoted to charity and willing to repay the society. Hainan Airlines is dedicated to improving life of the impoverished children and raising medical treatment level and welfare level. Today, people in Hainan Airlines have transcended the boundaries of nationality, color, religion belief, culture and language. They have one common idea, that is, bearing the historical mission and social responsibility of the company and realize the common cause of “human happiness and world peace”.