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Education-aid action of Hainan Airlines

2015-07-30 Hainan Airlines Tourism Group 52 0

    More than a hundred years ago, Liang qichao said that the wisdom and wealth of a country depends on the young. Hainan Airlines Tourism Group has always valued the healthy growth of juveniles. So the company held public service activities for 5 years in a row. This year, Hainan Airlines Tourism Group once again held an education-aid activity with the theme “do it for love”. During the activity, junior school student representatives from Biesituobie, Yili prefecture of Xinjiang province were invited to study tours in Beijing and Tianjin while 30 teaching teams from Beijing Normal University were sponsored.

    Zhang ling, president of Hainan Airlines Tourism Group, said that “the whole society is responsible for the growth of teenagers, especially those from the remote and poor areas. Teenagers need both favorable material conditions and more spiritual care. They want to be heard.”

In 2011, the project of “letting the children from the mountains see the world”, sponsored by Hainan Airlines Tourism Group, was held by Hainan Airlines Group, the communist youth league and youth federation of Hainan province. In 2012, Hainan Airlines Tourism Group, along with Beijing dandelion middle school, launched a public service activity of “dandelion’s tour to Hainan” for the teenagers. In 2013, in order to relieve the pain of children who lost their parents and home in Ya’an earthquake, Hainan Airlines Tourism Group organized the thematic events of “letting the children from Ya’an see the ocean”. In 2014, an earthquake hit Ludian heavily. So the capital airlines of Hainan Airlines Tourism Group initiated a fundraising project called “letting the children back to school” for the Peace elementary school in Wuji, Yongshan county, Zhaotong city of Yunnan province. 



    In July, Hainan Airlines Tourism Group picked 10 volunteers from the “warm heart volunteering platform”. These volunteers and 410 young teachers from Beijing Normal University went to 30 elemenatry school and middle school in Kaili of Guizhou province, and Biesituobie, Yili prefecture of Xinjiang province. They delivered many different curriculums to more than 10,000 students. As the sponsor of the 30 teaching teams, Hainan Airlines Tourism Group calls on more people to participate in the activity through the “warm heart volunteering platform”. The purpose of this activity is to light the children’s dream and improve their state of mind. In the meanwhile, Hainan Airlines Tourism Group also helped the teachers of Beijing Normal University have a deeper understanding of the present situation of education by reaching the grassroots.

It is learned that the project of “do it for love” in 2015 will pay more attention to curriculum design, taking into consideration the needs of the children and making it more interesting and intellectual. The curriculum includes classical Chinese culture, English, history, geography, mathematics and physics. Some DIY curriculums are also designed to improve the children’s creative ability. Moreover, psychological construction curriculums are included to increase their confidence and “dream curriculums” are set up to encourage them to realize their dreams.  To obtain more teaching tools for these curriculums, Hainan Airlines Tourism Group started a fundraising project with JD public welfare department and raised 20,038 yuan from 1132 netizens from 22th, May, 2015 to 2nd, July, 2015. In order to return their favor, Hainan Airlines Tourism Group sent many souvenirs to them, including 51YOU travel coupons and hand-drawing T shirts made by the children.


    Apart from fundraising and the “warm heart volunteering platform”, Hainan Airlines Tourism Group also launched an online activity called “membership award points for charity” through Jingpeng membership platform, which is both innovative and affectionate. 43 members of Jingpeng membership platform contributed 50346 points, which is then used to buy the air tickets from Nalati to Urumqi for the student representatives in the study tour.


Integrating industrial chain resources and caring for teenagers in a different way



    Zhang ling, the president of Hainan Tourism Group told the reporters that, “Rome is not built in one day, so does public welfare undertakings. With the development of the country and the improvement of people’s living standard, ‘public welfare’ is no longer restricted to material assistance. We should combine our resource advantage and launch more special activities. Hopefully, these activities can not only provide them with material assurance, but also promote exchanges among people”. 

    Hainan Airlines Tourism Group focuses on the characteristics of teenagers and provides them with “customized and personalized” public welfare activities. In the project of “letting the children from the mountains see the world” in 2011, the company prepared an entertaining and fascinating customized journey for the children.