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The Activity of Visiting the Memorial Museum of Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Was Successfully Held

2015-09-28 Hna-Caissa 0 0

    On September 11, 2015, Hainan Airlines Caissa touristic had series of activities in patriotism, love of the party, and love of our families----the activity of remembering the martyrs and history. Party members from HNA Tourism Group are also particularly involved with 37 members.

    At the beginning, all the members retrospect the oath to join CPC, further strengthening the faith. Then, all visited the Memorial Museum of Chinese People''s Anti-Japanese War, listening to the history of anti-Japanese war and recalling the heroic deeds of the martyrs. Finally, they visited the Marco Polo Bridge, whose numerous stone lions recorded that humiliated history seventy years ago. It also reminded all the members do not forget the humiliation and strive to be strong.