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President oration

       Hna-Caissa has a vision, that is, to create a brand-new tourism business model and build an excellent world class tourism enterprise through sustained effort. Thanks to China’s booming outbound tourism, and on account of the healthy and sustainable development concept, innovative business model as well as international operation management, Caissa has gained the recognition of the public, the tourism industry and the media, and become a leading outbound tourism service provider and an outstanding tourism brand of high quality in 22years.

       Hna-Caissa is proficient at integrating resources comprehensively and delicately. Together with Hainan Airlines Group’s resources in airlines, hotels and its own experience and management concepts in tourism industry, Caissa has formed its core competence in destination resource and brand effect.

       Creating a world class tourism enterprise is our common dream and the spiritual support of our attic faith and untiring struggle.

       Today, as we standing on the new starting point, we face both challenges and opportunities. We will continue to optimize product mix, promote service quality, break new ground and improve industry chain layout, thus making contributions to the development of china’s economy and tourism industry, as well as bring more benefits to the investors.