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Company profile

Hna-Caissa Travel Group co., LTD (“Hna-Caissa” in short) is subordinate to Hainan Airlines Group. The company’s priority is outbound tourism, and has formed a whole industry chain service containing rally award tourism, tourism electronic commerce, aviation and railway catering, project investmen...

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President oration

Thank you for your attention to Caissa Tourism. We will take it as our motivation.

Hna-Caissa has a vision, that is, to create a brand-new tourism business model and build an excellent world class tourism enterprise through sustained effort. Thanks to China’s booming outbound tourism, and on account of the healthy and sustainable development concept, innovative business model as well as international operation management, Caissa has gained the recognition of the public, the tourism industry and the media, and become a leading outbound tourism service provider and an outstanding tourism brand of high quality in 22years.

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Corporate culture

In corporate culture construction, Hainan Airlines standardize the two principles of employee behavior-be a man and perform real deeds-into ten maxims-the so called “ten maxims of Hainan Airlines”, which is agreed by Nan huaijing, a master of Chinese culture, and deemed as the basic behavior rules of employee.

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Development history

HNA - Caissa Group belonging to HNA GROUP, its main business to outbound travel business.
Through the global strategic layout, and thanks to the vigorous development of China''''s outbound tourism market,
with healthy and sustainable development concept, innovative business model, international management ideas,
has won the public, the industry and the media, has become an outstanding brand in China.

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