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  • · 09/02CAISSA established a global strategic partnership with MSC Mediterranean cruises. It’s the longest and largest cooperation between Cruise Company and travel agency in the Chinese history.
  • · 08/20CAISSA formally established a cruise sales company and plan to invest 5 billion in building the biggest cruise sale plate.
  • · 08/10Hypervic Coffee, the first chain of café scientifique held a press conference with CAISSA and Da bao en, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
  • · 07/09CAISSA and Unionpay International jointly announced that they will carry out comprehensive cooperation in the outbound tourism ofChina.
  • · 06/30 On 30th, June, CAISSA entered the market of ski touring by releasing its ski sub-brand-Sliding all over the world-as the thematic tourism brand.
  • · 09/12CAISSA signed an important strategic cooperation agreement with the Seychelles Beijing Seychelles.
  • · 05/29CAISSA officially become the first strategic partner of Paipai, a mobile social electric business platform of JD.com.a
  • · 04/07CAISS hit the tourism market of , leading to the vigorous development of Chongqing s outbound tourism.
  • · 03/03British Tourist Birmingham signed strategic cooperation agreement with CAISSA and Hainan Airlines in Shanghai
  • · 01/29The “2015 Cruise Awards” was co-organized by CAISSA, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, Costa Cruises and Hna Cruises in Guangzhou
  • · 12/31Travel experience stores were opened on a national scale, leading to the standard operation of tourism.
  • · 12/30In order to accelerate the vertical integration of a multi-format tourism, CAISSA made strategic cooperative agreement with Club Med.
  • · 12/29National network layout is further extended with 23 subsidiaries.
  • · 12/18CAISSA cooperated with CITIC to promote the integration of tourism and finance.
  • · 12/10CAISSA, together with Singapore Airlines, launched spring festival charter airplane service. CAISSA became the first partner of Singapore Airlines under the new cooperation pattern. 

  • · 11/10Seychelles’s minister of tourism and culture visited the CAISSA headquarter and met with the president of CAISSA, Chen xiaobing.
  • · 10/21CAISSA launched the first spring festival charter flight service to Tahiti with the Tahiti Tourist Administration.
  • · 09/25 Vice premier Zhang gaoli attended the local leaders’ meeting of China- central and eastern European country. As the representative of China’s tourist industry, representatives of CAISSA spoke at the meeting. 
  • · 09/12CAISSA established strategic cooperative partnership with the national tourism administration of Denmark
  • · 08/15CAISSA become the precedent of family travel by unveiling the first family travel service.
  • · 07/23CAISSA cooperated with Correspondent Currency and built a “fast track” of domestic tax refund so that the customers can get tax refunds from the travel agency without delay.
  • · 07/21CAISSA, together with the Birmingham Airport, opened the air route from Beijing to Birmingham. The British royals attended the welcome ceremony of the first flight.
  • · 07/20CAISSA held the “award ceremony of 2014 college students’ nomination exhibition”.
  • · 07/10Hundreds of CAISSA products are covered by free wifi, leading to the upgrading of China’ tourist industry.
  • · 06/27CAISSA signed strategic cooperation agreement with Tourism NSW in Beijing and become a single promotion agency of Australia.
  • · 06/16CAISSA became the exclusive partner of the Singapore tourism alliance.
  • · 05/29CAISSA made a strategic agreement with GTC TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. for the promotion of diverse language service at home and abroad.
  • · 04/22CAISSA became the general agent of Eurail in China, and is able to provide tourists with convenience in traveling to Europe.
  • · 03/18CAISSA, along with the American national tourism bureau and Hainan Airlines, launched a ceremony with the theme of “2.014 billion people travel to America”. It’s the largest tourist interactive activities in the tourist industry of China and America.
  • · 02/18CAISSA penetrated into the European football events by launching the double-experiencing products of traveling and match-watching.
  • · 01/15 CAISSA opened a direct route formBeijingto Bali with Hainan Airlines, leading to an all-around upgrading ofBali’s tourism products.