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  •     Hainan Airline is inclusive in that it enables human civilization to co-exist in this palace of art. The employees of Hainan Airlines stand for global vision and world market so as to make the whole world enjoy the fruits of globalization.

        We need to create a new Hainan Airlines, which is not only a tangible company, but also an invisible symbol. The new company can inspire people’s desire to work and invoke their sense of responsibility to employees, society and the world. It can both make people to live a better life through offering products to them and wealth distribution and undertake the mission of promoting human society. Moreover, the new company can endure through competition, as well as teaching people to be righteous and loyal.

        People of Hainan Airlines are striving to be ethnical, responsible, and they want to promote efficient relocation and utilization of global resources. They are endowed with sense of social responsibility. They all share the same pursuit, which is, making contribution to the happiness of mankind and world peace.

  •     Their belief is inclusive, superior and universal. They respect different beliefs, lifestyles and choice of rights. However, should a person devote to the career of Hainan Airlines, he must acknowledge and be loyal to this belief.
    Everyone in Hainan Airlines is free to choose Christianity, Islam or Buddhism as his relief, or choose not to have any beliefs. Their belief has transcended any religion and secular belief, and represents the universal human values.

        “The truth” is their soul and nature. Inheriting the credibility culture of Hainan Airlines is their basic requirement, as well as the highest pursuit. Sincere people can build a sincere enterprise, just as a sincere enterprise can enable its employees, customers and those who coexist with it to embrace a happy life. 

        “The goodness” is the source of their borderless love and a symbol of their conscience. Their willingness to give will acquaint them with people from all over the world and help them be successful. Kindness in mind and willingness to do good deeds is the premise and basis for one to identify with the belief of Hainan Airlines.

        “The beauty” is their pursuit to an artistic Hainan Airlines. An artistic Hainan Airlines is a realm, and an endless pursuit. The realm of an artistic Hainan Airlines is not a fixed parameter, which will not be restricted in one industry and area. The people of Hainan Airlines are practicing the concept of “concentrating on work” continually in their selfless work.

        An artistic Hainan Airlines is reflected in the “the spirit of its work”, which means every service and every product we offered to the society should be seen as an artistic work. An artistic Hainan Airlines is embodied in the process, which means the process of making artistic work should also be deemed as an art. When management becomes an art, the beauty will be incarnated in the process of control and balance. An artistic Hainan Airlines also find expression in the way of thinking, which means we need to assemble every resource through “cloud theory”, break boundaries, make bold innovations and create the biggest benefits for the society. As an enterprise, Hainan Airlines and HNA should be deemed as the embodiment of beauty.

        The people of Hainan Airlines firmly believe the existence of selfless love. Because of that love, human, society and nature can coexist together. Because of that love, human can live a better life. People in Hainan Airlines pursue, seek for and spread selfless love.

  •     Entrepreneurs of Hainan Airlines pursue the spirit of “public identity, public participation, public achievement and public sharing” and “doing something positive for the society and other people”. This pursuit will never change. Instead of merely making a living, they will build a business and bring more benefits to the society.


        People in Hainan Airlines know that the company is a component of human society while society is the living soil of Hainan Airlines. From an individual to a tribe and then to a society, human gradually adapt to the social compacts formed during the coexistence process. So they fit into the society and uphold morality and justice by instinct. Only when Hainan Airlines create economic benefits and bigger social benefits at the same time can it integrate into the society and become an inseparable part.

  •     Hainan Airlines treats people with integrity, judges a person’s success on account of his or her achievement, and takes innovation as motivation.

        Integrity is a prerequisite to maintain high quality. It’s a promise Hainan Airlines made to its employees, the society and the world. People in Hainan Airlines obtain fortune through hardworking. In line with the spirit of pursuing excellence, they provide high quality products for the society so that more people can enjoy the fruits of human civilization and society progress and live a happier life in a peaceful environment.

        Performance is the motivation of sustainable development. During the process of exploring the world, people of Hainan Airlines keep on learning new things, creating new benefits and aspiring greater achievements, which not only promote the founding, development and expansion of Hainan Airlines, but also symbolize their desire for a better life. 

        Innovation is the magic key of vitality. Constant change is the essence of Hainan Airlines’ innovative culture. Only through innovation can people in Hainan Airlines find opportunities during the process of experiencing new things and exploring uncharted territories, and achieve surpassing development. In the meantime, people in Hainan Airlines will gather strength through cloud theory, reach consensus and realize the mutual promotion and development between Hainan Airlines and society in devotion and obtainment.    


        The world belongs to all the people. People in Hainan Airlines are trudging a road of enterprise development that never exist before, and trying to make that road a fruit of human civilization and art. Through this road, an artistic Hainan Airlines and a happy land of human civilization will emerge. This is the developing road of an artistic Hainan Airlines, as well as the common dream of its people.


In corporate culture construction, Hainan Airlines standardize the two principles of employee behavior-be a man and perform real deeds-into ten maxims-the so called “ten maxims of Hainan Airlines”, which is agreed by Nan huaijing, a master of Chinese culture, and deemed as the basic behavior rules of employee.

    A person merely pays attention to his or her own moral uplift without consideration of others cannot gather more strength in community. Therefore, one can only transcend its limits through integrating into the community. A finger’s strength cannot compare to the resultant force of a fist. This is the power of unity. “A peaceful family will prosper”, let alone an organization, an enterprise or a group. Though good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations can help an enterprise prosper, the time isn''''t as important as the geographical convenience and geographical convenience isn''''t as important as unity with the people. Harmony and unity is a crucial prerequisite to a happy family, a prosperous country and a peaceful world.

    In fact, estrangements and disputes are nothing but fight for fame and personal development. To be a determined person with a great mind and strength, one should stick to the principle of “being able to be successful, one should help others to do so”, and strive to get win-win. This principle is closely related to principles such as “treating people with sincerity”, “all the people of the world are brothers”. “Be nice to me and I’ll be nicer to you”, “living in harmony”, “harmony brings wealth”, “gentle breeze and fine drizzle”, and “amiable manner”, all of which are the source of vigor and vitality. A case in point is the ancient story of Lian po and Lin xiangru. They are two dignitaries of Zhao who chose to forget former enmity and fight together for the safety and prosperity of the country.

    The sustainable, healthy and speedy development of Hainan Airlines not only requires the employees to give full play of their talents but also attaches great importance to the sprit of unity. The modern enterprise system emphasizes the cooperative spirit of the group and upholds the notion of “treats the employees as customers”, which is all about mutual respect. No matter what our races, appearances, nationalities or religious beliefs are and no matter what our positions are, we are lucky to be together. In consequence, we should cherish it, and show respect to and have confidence in each other. However, unprincipled and unconditional harmony is unacceptable. Every employee has both advantages and disadvantages. “When people are of one mind and heart, they can move Mt. Tai.” So the executive staff should be good teachers and friends of employees so as to achieve harmony and unity. Under a harmonious circumstance, so long as people in Hainan Airlines help each other, learn from each other and work hard in unity, Hainan Airlines will always flourish and be prosperous.  

    In contrast to the sluggish and idle habit of human, excellence, a word in Buddhism, is one of the six virtues in bodhisattva’s practice. In other words, everyone is kind of sluggish in doing something, which is normal, but we must overcome it with conviction. Sluggishness can grow very fast. If one just deals with it on impulse without perseverance and patience, sluggishness, like insects, will always come back. That is to say, it’s an easy to do good deeds in a certain time but it’s difficult to do good deeds for a life time.

    We must persevere and go ahead bravely. There is a thin line between success and failure, but it makes a great difference. Although people’s innate attribute are different, they can make up the shortfall through perseverance. Late boomers are different from those whose talent being exhausted in that they are persistent. Buddhism advocates the spirit of excellence. We should do good deeds everyday for the sake of the society, other people and ourselves. Even though we cannot make great achievement, the road we take on will be hopeful through perseverance. A thousand miles is consisted of steps and a great ocean is the accumulation of water forms. The quantitative change will make a qualitative difference.

    In addition to accomplishing something, executives should not only have pioneering spirit and courage, but also be excellent in their learning, innovation, decision-making, communication and organizing abilities. These are imperative in the era of knowledge-driven society and embody Hainan Airlines’ objective of being “sincere, kind, excellent and beautiful”.

    Physical and mental health is fundamental. If one’s physical and mental health is impaired, he will be miserable and his families would suffer a lot, let alone establishing a career and accomplishing something big. Therefore, our health is important to us and people who care about us. Everyone is responsible for his or her mental and physical health.

    As the saying goes, “diseases enter by the mouth” and “prevention is the best treatment”. Hence, we should choose healthy food and absorb adequate nutrition regularly so that our epidemic prevention function can be normal and free from diseases.

    Broadly speaking, we should be cautious in absorbing intellectual food as well. Today, spiritual and cultural products are everywhere, thus setting a higher demand for people’s ability to analyze, judge, choose and control. We need to know black from white and do good deeds instead of forming bad habits. However, moral cultivation is the premise of euphoria and mental health. We should do certain things and refrain from doing other things and have good personality and noble thought. Executives in particular, need to adept in theory, knowledge and management strategy with help from good teachers and friends.

    “Zheng” means give frank advices to someone. “Kuan” means forgiving and kindness while “shu” stand for forbearance. “Kuan shu” not only implies human virtues but also symbolizes the standard of living a life, that is, showing mercy to and care for other people. Confucius once said that “those who show mercy to others will make more friends”. With the support of employees, an enterprise can build a good emotional relationship and inspire its employees’ strong sense of identity and responsibility, thus strengthening the unity of the company.

    People will encounter many conflicts in interpersonal relationship, which is unavoidable. Therefore, we should take into account the benefits of the society and company and prevent possible conflicts. Basically speaking, we should be lenient with others and be severe with ourselves. Besides, we should listen to different opinions so as to draw good points form them. Sometimes, we should think about others without preconceived bias. Confucius said that “three kinds of friend are beneficial-integrity, forgiveness and extensive experience”. A friend who is willing to give frank advices is the rarest. Although good advice is harsh for ears, these advices are priceless and we should accept them with glad.

    This is especially important to the managerial staff. A managerial staff with an open heart and grand bearing can accomplish something big. As the mirror of Li shimin, the emperor of Tang dynasty, Wei zheng risked his life to give frank feedbacks to him. In the end, Li accepted his advices with an open heart. So at the beginning of Tang dynasty, Li modified many policies and decrees of governing the country based on the advices of ministers, hence coming a time of peace and prosperity.

   “Ci” means "bring happiness to others”. Treating people with kindness and love is the fundamental purpose of moral cultivation and character perfection. Without love and kindness, one is unable to love community and country. The senior should offer help to and love the younger while the younger should respect the senior and learn form their experience.

    Respecting the elders and loving the young is one of the traditional Chinese virtues people familiar with and agree. “Caring for the old and young like they were your family” is a universal motto as well as the reason China being called as a state of ceremonies. It means to show respect to the elders and care for the young. China’s humanistic spirits long suggest that a person cannot live on his or her own and one cannot grow up without parents’ sufferings. Parents’ love is universal and selfish. So filial piety is the most important of all virtues and the society advocate the young return nurturing to their parents. Those who deviate from filial piety are cruel and against humanity.

    The Chinese people devote particular care to filial piety. People who love and respect their families are able to have grand bearing, love other people and value their friendships with others. The employees of Hainan Airlines should respect their parents as well as respect the company, the society and the world. “Family happiness” means to make the parents spend their remaining years in happiness and pay more attention to the children. With love and kindness, the world is heaven; otherwise, it can only be called as hell.

    As Confucius said, “it’s a pleasure to learn and review”. "On Learning" in the Book Rites says that a man can only educate people and transform social traditions through learning. As a jade without chiseling will not become a useful object, a man without learning will not know the way. So, the ancient emperors attached great importance to education when establish a state and rule people. At that time, the nobles read in elementary school at 8 years old, which last for 7 years, and entered in university at 15 years old, lasting for 9 years or even longer.

    Elementary students mainly learn characters and etiquettes while the university students tend to learn more profound knowledge and political skills. In regard to university education, Records of Education says that “the students should learn to pause in reading in the first year, get the hang of respecting work and enjoying company in the third year, be knowledgeable in the fifth year and be able to give lectures and make knowledgeable friends in the seventh year, which is called initial success. After nine years, the students should be able to reason by analogy, deal with problems with confidence and obey general rules, which are deemed as great achievement. After that, the students can educate the people and transform social traditions. People will be sincerely convinced and fascinated. This is the meaning of university education”.

   Elementary students mainly learn characters and etiquettes while the university students tend to learn more profound knowledge and political skills. In regard to university education, Records of Education says that “the students should learn to pause in reading in the first year, get the hang of respecting work and enjoying company in the third year, be knowledgeable in the fifth year and be able to give lectures and make knowledgeable friends in the seventh year, which is called initial success. After nine years, the students should be able to reason by analogy, deal with problems with confidence and obey general rules, which are deemed as great achievement. After that, the students can educate the people and transform social traditions. People will be sincerely convinced and fascinated. This is the meaning of university education”.

   Learning is not all about studying but also understanding how to deal with other people in real life. The book of life provides people with new knowledge and people should have fun in learning. Confucius said that “curiosity is more important than knowledge itself and interest is even more important than pure curiosity”. The fun of learning lies in diligence rather than intelligence, suggesting that the essence of learning is long-term study and continuous efforts, and grand intention is intolerable. Assiduous study is the prerequisite of making progress and a reflection of excellence and persistence. Knowledge is infinite. No progress only means regression. The son of Wang xizhi, a great Jin calligrapher, in order to reach his father’s achievement in calligraphy, studied and trained so hard that the pool water was dyed black. In the end, he became a calligrapher as famous as his father.

   At present, Hainan Airlines, used to be a single air transport enterprise, has evolved into an enterprise group of diversified development. The rapid growth of Hainan Airlines requires its employees to forge ahead with rich professional knowledge and strong sense of innovation. As a consequence, employees of Hainan Airlines must keep on learning and draw on others successful experience to lay a foundation for Hainan Airlines’ sustainable and healthy development.

   Just as people only know their shortages after learning, people only know difficulties after teaching. With the advent of knowledge economic era, the division of work has become more skillful and professional. An administrative staff is not an expert in all areas. Everyone is specialized in certain field. The leaders don’t have to be better than their subordinates in everything, but have to be a role model in terms of the learning attitude. They need to give directional guidance to subordinates and raise their own ability at the same time. They need to draw upon all useful opinions and give full play of the subordinates’ wisdom and talent. For example, the emperor of Hang dynasty, Liu bang, achieved great cause by making full use of Xiao he, Han xin, Chen ping and Zhang Liang’s strengths in different fields.

    “Sincerity” is closely related to “the truth”. However, sincerity, the sincere affection of people, is richer in connotations and offers more depth. Without sincerity, kindness and beauty would not exist. (Truth is in line with regularity; kindness conforms to intentionality; beauty is the combination of truth and beauty.) Sincerity is the foundation of personal relationships and mutual trust. It can help people achieve great things. If everyone is on guard and make enemy of other people, what they accomplish won’t last.

    Nowadays, the Chinese society is confronted with credit crisis. Honest and trustworthy people become the laughingstocks of dishonest merchants. This morbid philosophy has become an influential social phenomenon, which is also the source of a disordered market economy. According to modern economics, integrity has become a scarce resource. Standardization, honesty and law-abiding is the sign of modern civilization, as well as the foundation of a democratic society under the rule of law. “A thing is valued if it is rare.” Under the circumstance where market regulation reconstruction is in urgent need, integrity can enable company to win good reputation. And when the market economy is regulated and get on the right track, the invisible power of integrity will become a priceless treasure. Why would Hainan Airlines take “sincerity, kindness, excelsior and beauty” as its tenet and regard “sincerity” as the premise and basis of its development? It’s because the company has fully recognized the importance of integrity and infused the spirit into its development. Sincerity is the cornerstone of Hainan Airlines’ accomplishment.

    The Book of Changes says that a meritorious and humble man is most convincing. Modesty is the best way of moral cultivation and learning. People who are modest, prudent and free from arrogance and impetuosity can learn from each other and enrich themselves. Just as a cup, if it is full of water, it can not take in more water while an empty can take in more water. Modesty brings gains while haughtiness yields loss. Nobody’s perfect. However strong you are, there is always someone stronger. A conceited and self-satisfied people will miss the chance of drawing on other people’s strong points while a modest one can make progress through continuous learning.

    Modesty is a grand bearing. Showing respect to other people is a sign of courtesy. Therefore, modesty is crucial in personal relationship and those who respect others will be respected by others. We should learn with a modest attitude and conduct personal relationships with a peaceful mind and respect. We also need to keep our countenance when dealing with things and use polite language. It’s important to learn that even though there are always people we can learn from, we should be able to tell the good from bad, which is the fundamental principle of individual behaviorism.

    Apart from being lenient with subordinates, administrative staff should also handle things with forbearance, which means to decentralize powers to subordinates and encourage them to develop personal skills. The ancients noted that “the reason mountain Tai is so magnificent lies in its inclusivity”. Administrative staff’s egotistic will only lead to chaos and inefficiency of management.

    Life is nothing more than being a good person and doing good deeds. But what matters is what kind of person you want to be? A healthy cell of society or a virus? Everyone wants to be the former, to be a person who can bring benefits to other people and society and realize his own value at the same time. However, a person’s ability is reflected in his way of doing things. People need to follow the guidelines in doing things, have a sense of propriety and be familiar with the matter they are dealing with, such as, what is the objective?And what do we want to achieve?

    Employees should be organized in service and management. Preparedness ensures success and unpreparedness spells failure. Advance preparation is a key step to success, so does careful plan and detailed deployment. Employee should learn to predict, forecast unknown results based on what is known. They should understand everything related and make pre-arranged planning so as to have a clear idea on what they are dealing with. They also need to make a list of important matters, for instance, how many people deployed? How much fund is put into use? How many goods and materials? How much time do we need? Is there any unpredictable circumstances? How to tread the edge of emergency treatment? More importantly, they should be well prepared and flexible so as to handle the emergency situation with ease. In a world, employees should make pre-arranged planning based on overall situation and details.

    The administrative staff’s perspective should be comprehensive and prospective. They need to have a sense of priority and pay attention to the interests of all. They should make decisions for the benefits of the subordinates and team. “The whole year''''s work depends on a good start in spring.” A well-defined plan is the premise of success.

    What really counts in the world is conscientiousness. We should be meticulous in understanding the true meaning of life and true love. If we are entrusted by other people, we should be loyal and dedicated to them. Every success is started from scratch. We should be cautious in doing things without ignoring any details.

    The basic principle of dealing with people is see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil (do no evil). We should be prudent in making statements and careful in personal conducts. We should be clear about priorities and stay clear-minded. This is a reflection of professional dedication. Otherwise, working on something blindly is totally irresponsible. More haste, less speed. Therefore, being prudent in dealing with people is critical to form an atmosphere of “commitment and team working”.